Stan Chinyerere Bio


Stan CHIN-yeah-RRREH-rrreeh (His last name means 'Counselor' to the Village Elder) was born in Zimbabwe and discovered his love of gymnastics at the advanced age of 12.

In three short years, he became a member of the Junior Team at 15, then the Senior Gymnastics team at 17.

Stan remained a member of the Zimbabwe National Gymnastics Team for the next 10 years.  His passion took him to England for more study and coaching, then to Rome where he was mentored by a Russian gymnastics coach for professional competitions. Stan has received coaching from outstanding individuals from the UK, Canada, Romania, Russia, China, Italy and the US.

In 1990 he received an Olympic Solidarity Scholarship awarded by the IOC, and performed in the Africa Games in Cairo in '91, where he received a Bronze Medal.

Stan moved to the United States in 1997 and became a personal trainer and gymnastics coach, as his original mentor was to him.  He is Certified in Personal Training by the American College of Sports Medicine.  

All of these coaches and experiences, as well as his sports medicine training are what shapes Stan's current approach to encouraging new skills and better conduct for his pupils and in his personal training practice.