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Stan's Tiny Tumblers is currently at:

  • South Table Mountain Pre-school
  • 5280 Elementary childhood education center Applewood
  • 5280 Elementary childhood Education center Golden
  • YMCA Arvada
  • maple Grove Elementary Golden
  • Contact the locations above directly to enroll
  • We also do home daycare -- contact Stan for details
  • Established 'bus stop' locations in Lakewood and Golden that can accommodate your home-based daycare

Prices vary by location and # of students, starting at $50/month.  Bus stops may vary.  Contact  for a quote

Party Package* Includes:

1 hour of Tumbling and Party Games for up to 15 children
Max 15 Tiny Tumblers Bus Party Invitations and Envelopes
Max  Tiny Tumblers Bus Thank You Cards and Envelopes
Includes AirTrack (like a bouncy house and slide but without the roof -- see photo) Special Gift for the Birthday Child
Medal Awarded to Each Child
Prices start at $125/Hour and are based on type of package

Requires a level surface for Tiny Tumblers bus to park.
Heated/air-conditioned for year round comfort.

Important to Know

Recommended age of children is 2-8.



In consideration of my child’s participation in Stan’s Tiny Tumblers Gymnastics classes, I agree to be bound by the following:

  • Eligibility: I agree to comply with the rules of Stan’s Tiny Tumblers Gymnastics program.
  • Readiness: My child will only participate in those classes of which he/she is physically and psychologically prepared.
  • Waiver and Release: I am fully aware of and appreciate the risks, including the risk of catastrophic injury and paralysis as well as other damages and losses associated with participation in gymnastic activities. I agree to indemnify and hold Stan’s Tiny Tumblers and its employees harmless from any and all liability for any injury that may be suffered by the aforementioned individual arising out of or in any way connected in participation in the activity. Such risks can be minimized with proper instruction, and through supervision and education from the coaches.  however risk can never be eliminated.

As legal parent or guardian of this child, I hereby verify by the checkbox below that I fully understand and accept each of the above mentioned conditions for permitting my child to participate in the classes and activities conducted by Stan’s Tiny Tumblers.

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